A horse is a noble animal, and is made for the service of man. No one

who has tender feelings can bear to see the horse abused. It is wicked

for any one to do so. A horse has a good memory, and he will never

forget a kind master. Jonas Carter is one of those boys who likes to

take care of a horse. His father gave Jonas the whole care of an

excellent animal which he purchased for his own use. Every morning he

would go i
to the stable to feed and water him. As all the horses in

the neighborhood had names, Jonas gave one to his, and called him

Major. Every time he went into the stable to take care of him, Major

would whine and paw, as if his best friend was coming to see him.

Jonas kept him very clean and nice, so that he was always ready for

use at any time of day. At night he made up his bed of straw, and kept

the stable warm in winter and cool in summer. Major soon found that

he was in the hands of a kind master, and being well fed, and well

cleansed, he would often show how proud and nice he was, by playing

with Jonas in the yard. His young master would often let him loose in

the yard, and when Jonas started to go in, the horse, Major, would

follow him to the door, and when he turned him into the pasture, no

one could so well catch him as Jonas; for every time he took him from

the pasture, Jonas would give him some oats; so when he saw his master

coming for him, he remembered the oats, and would come directly to

him. Some horses are very difficult to bridle, but it was not so with

Major. When Jonas came with the bridle, Major would hold his head

down, and take in his bitts, and appear as docile as a lamb. He well

knew that Jonas never drove him hard, but always used him kindly.

Jonas was not a selfish boy; he was willing to let his friends ride a

short distance; and in the picture, you will see him talking with one

of his young friends about his horse.

Now, children, you may be sure that a dumb animal will remember his

kind master; and if ever you own a horse, or drive one which belongs

to another, be sure and treat him kindly. And you will find this rule

to work well among yourselves. Be kind to each other, and to all

whom you meet with, and it will help you along the pleasant path of

life, and secure to you many friends.