A little boy went to sea with his father to learn to be a sailor. One

day his father said to him, "Come, my boy, you will never be a sailor

if you don't learn to climb."

The boy was very ambitious, and soon scrambled up to top of the

rigging; but when he saw at what a height he was he began to be

frightened, and called out, "Oh father, I shall fall, what shall I


"Look up--look up, my son," said his father; "if you look down you

will be giddy; but if you keep looking up to the flag at the top of

the mast you will descend safely." The boy followed his father's

advice, and soon came down to the deck of the vessel in safety. You

may learn from this story, to look up to Jesus, as the highest

example, and as the Saviour of mankind.