A poor Arabian of the desert was one day asked, how he came to be

assured that there was a God.

"In the same way," he replied, "that I am enabled to tell by a print

impressed on the sand, whether it was a man or beast that passed that


THANKFULNESS.--Walking along Bishopgate street one morning, I saw two

men standing as if amazed at something that had happened.

"Pray, gentlemen," said I, "what is the matter?" One of them informed

me that a genteelly dressed man had hastily come up to him, and

tapping him on the shoulder, had said:

"Sir, did you ever thank God for your reason?"

"No," said I, "not particularly."

"Well," said he, "do it now, for I have lost mine;" when he marched

off with great speed.

HONESTY.--An honest boy, whose sister was sick and the family in want,

found a wallet containing fifty dollars. The temptation was great to

use the money; but he resolved to find the owner. He did so; when the

owner, learning the circumstances of the family, gave the fifty

dollars for their comfort. He took the boy to live with him. That boy

is a prosperous merchant in Ohio.

THE BOY AND HIS MARBLES.--One Sunday a lady called to her little boy,

who was shooting marbles on the pavement, to come into the house.

"Don't you know you shouldn't be out there, my son? Go into the back

yard if you want to play marbles; it is Sunday."

"Yes, mother; but aint it Sunday in the back yard?"