Two little girls went into the fields to gather flowers. Buttercups,

violets, and many other blossoms were in abundance. One of the girls

was pleased with every thing, and began to pick such flowers as came

in her way. In a short time she collected a great quantity of flowers,

and though some of them were not very handsome, yet they made a very

beautiful bunch. The other child was more dainty and determined to get

one but those which were very beautiful. The buttercups were all

of one color and did not strike her fancy--the blue violets were too

common, and so the little pair wandered on through the fields till

they were about to return home. By this time the dainty child, seeing

that her sister had a fine collection of flowers while she had none,

began to think it best to pick such as she could get. But now the

flowers were scarce; not even a dandelion nor a flower was to be

found. The little girl at length begged of her sister a single

dandelion, and thus they returned home. The children told their story,

and their mother addressed them thus "My dear children, let this event

teach you a lesson. Jane has acted the wisest part. Content with such

flowers as came in her way, and not aiming at what was beyond her

reach, she has been successful in her pursuit. But Laura wanted

something more beautiful than could be found, collected nothing from

the field, and was finally obliged to beg a simple flower from her

sister. So it is, children, in passing through life--gather what is

good and pleasant along your path, and you will, day by day, collect

enough to make you contented and happy. But if you scorn those

blessings which are common, and reach after those which are more

rare and difficult to be obtained, you will meet with frequent

difficulties, and at last be dependant on others. So gather the

flowers as you go along the pathway of life."

Think not all is well within when all is well without; or that thy

being pleased is a sign that God is pleased: but suspect every thing

that is prosperous, unless it promotes piety, and charity, and


God hath given to man a short time here upon earth, and yet upon this

short time eternity depends.--_Taylor_.