Mrs. Savage was the eldest sister of Matthew Henry. When she was a

child she had a great many advantages for the improvement of her mind.

When only seven years of age, she could translate the Hebrew language,

and when ten years old, she could write out her father's sermons. She

possessed a very amiable disposition, and was very kind and benevolent

to all who needed the comforts of life. She was a Christian, and when

became a mother she began the work of educating her children

herself. She had a large family of nine children, and as she had

treasured up in her memory many hymns and verses which she had learned

when a child, she was able to teach the same to her children. She was

so kind and affectionate that every body loved her. Her children took

much pleasure in hearing their mother repeat to them the hymns and

texts of Scripture which she had learned.


Some children are very careless, and indifferent to their parents'

advice; such ones will regret it in their riper years. But Mrs.

Savage's little boys and girls loved their mother, and were very

obedient to her commands. When evening came, before they retired to

bed she would call her little children around her (as you see in the

picture,) and they would kneel down and say their evening prayer. A

pleasant sight, indeed, to see our dear children remembering their

Creator in the days of their youth. Mrs. S. was "useful, beloved,

meek, humble, and charitable." She lived a happy, cheerful life; she

was an ornament to her Christian profession, a "good mother." She died

suddenly at the good old age of eighty-eight.