Young children like to have a small piece of land for a garden which

they can call their own. And it is very pleasant to dig the ground,

sow the seed, and watch the little green plants which peep out of the

earth, and to see the beautiful buds and fresh blossoms.

Every boy and girl has a bit of garden, and we are told in the good

book to take good care of it, and see that the weeds of vice do not

spread o
er it, and to be sure and have it covered with plants of

goodness. This garden is the HEART. Such things as anger, sloth,

lying and cheating, are noxious weeds. But if you are active and

industrious, and keep cultivating this little garden, and keep out all

the bad weeds, God will help you to make a good garden, full of

pleasant plants, and flowers of virtue. I have seen some gardens which

look very bad, covered with briars and weeds, the grass growing in the

paths, and the knotty weeds choking the few puny flowers that are

drooping and dying out. Every thing seems to say--"How idle the owner

of this garden is." But I have seen other gardens where there were

scarcely any weeds. The walks look tidy, the flowers in blossom, the

trees are laden with fruit, and every thing says, "How busy the owner

is." Happy are you, dear children, if you are working earnestly in the

garden of your hearts. Your garden will be clean, pleasant, and

fruitful--a credit and comfort to you all your days.