A man was going from Norwich to New London with a loaded team; on

attempting to ascend a hill where an Indian lived he found his team

could not draw the load. He went for the Indian to assist him. After

he had got up the hill he asked the Indian what was to pay. The Indian

told him to do as much for some body else.

Some time afterward the Indian wanted a canoe. He went up Shetucket

river, found a tree, and made him one. When he had finished it he

could not get it to the river; accordingly he went to a man and

offered to pay him if he would go and draw it to the river for him.

The man set about it immediately, and after getting it to the river,

the Indian offered to pay him. "No," said the man; "don't you

recollect, so long ago, helping a man with a team up the hill by the

side of your house?" "Yes." "Well, I am the man; take your canoe and

go home."