There is a company of girls met together, and what can they be talking

about. Hark! "Now I will tell you something, if you'll promise never

to tell," says Jane. "I will, certainly," replied Anne. "And will you

promise _never_ to tell a single living creature as long as you live?"

The same reply is given, "_I will never tell_."

Now Jane tells the secret, and what is it? It turns out to be just

nothing at all, and there is no good reason why every body should'nt

know it. It is this--"Lizzy Smith is going to have a new bonnet,

trimmed with pink ribbon and flowers inside." Anna thinks no more of

her solemn promise, and the first school-mate she meets, she opens the

secret, with a solemn injunction for her not to tell. By and by the

secret is all out among the girls--the promises are all broken. Now,

children, remember your word--keep it true, and never make a promise

which you do not intend to keep, and always avoid telling foolish