One brilliant Christmas day, two little girls were walking towards a

neighboring village, when they observed a little creature walking

about the road. "Surely," said Mary, "it is a large mouse;" and it did

not seem to be afraid, so they thought from its tameness, it must be

hungry. "Poor little thing," said Agnes, "I wish I had something to

give you." She took a few almonds from her pocket and went gently

along towards the mouse and put it close by its side. The mouse began

to nibble, and soon finished it. Agnes then put down two or three

more, and left the mouse to eat its Christmas dinner. I think you

would have enjoyed seeing the mouse eating the almonds. I hope you

will always be kind to poor dumb animals. I have seen children who

were cruel to dumb animals. This is very wrong, and such children will

never be respected, nor can thy expect to be befriended.