Little Charles knew nothing about an echo. As he was playing by

himself in the field, he cried out, "Ho, hop!" and immediately a voice

from the woods near by answered, "ho, hop!" Being surprised at this,

he called out, "who be you?" The voice answered, "who be you." Charles

thought this very strange, and cried out "you're a stupid fellow,"

and "stupid fellow," was the reply from the woods.

Charles began t
be much displeased, and called several abusive names,

and every name he called, came back to him. "I never met with such

insolence," said he, "but I'll revenge myself;" and he ran up and down

among the trees, trying to find the supposed offender, but he could

see no one. Vexed and disappointed, he hastened home and told his

mother that a bad boy had hidden in the woods and called him all sorts

of names.

His mother smiled and shook her head. "Now you have been angry at

yourself, Charles, for you must know that you heard nothing but your

own words repeated. As you have seen your own face reflected in the

water, so you have now heard your own voice echoed." Had Charles spoke

kind words he would have heard kind words in return. It is often true

that the behavior we meet with from others, is but an echo of our own.

If we speak kind words we shall have kind words in return.