Down by the sea-coast is the pleasant town of Saco, Where Mr. Aimes

has resided for many years. Once a year he had all his little nephews

and nieces visit him. It was their holiday, and they would think and

talk about the visit for a long time previous to going there. Their

uncle took much pleasure in making them happy as possible while they

were with him. He owned a pleasure sail boat which he always kept in

good orde
. On this occasion he had it all clean and prepared for the

young friends, as he knew they lotted much on having a sail. As his

boat was small, he took part of them at a time and went out with them

himself, a short distance, and sailed around the island, and returned.

In the picture you see them just going out, with their uncle at the

helm, while three of the nephews are on the beach enjoying the scene.

But I must tell you children to be very careful when you go on the

water to sail. There are some things which it is necessary for you to

know, as a great many accidents occur on the water for the want of

right management. When you go to sail, be sure and have persons with

you who understand all about a boat, and how to manage in the time of

a squall. Always keep your seats in the boat, and not be running about

in it. Never get to rocking a boat in the water. A great many people

have lost their lives by so doing. Sailing on the water may be very

pleasant and agreeable to you if you go with those who understand

all about the harbor, and are skilled in guiding the boat on the

dangerous sea.