A little girl, by the name of Sarah Dean, was taught the precepts of

the Bible by her mother. One day she came to her mother very much

delighted, to show her some plums that a friend had given her. The

mother said to her: "Your friend was very kind, and has given you a

great many." "Yes," replied Sarah. "she was, and she gave me more than

these, but I have given some away." The mother asked to whom she had

given them; when the child replied: "I gave them to a girl that pushes

me off the path, and makes faces at me." Upon being asked why she gave

them to her, she answered: "Because I thought that should make her

know that I wished to be kind to her, and perhaps she will not be

unkind and rude to me again." This was true. The rude girl was

afterwards very good to Sarah, and felt very sorry that she had

treated her unkindly. How truly did the little girl obey the command,

"_overcome evil with good_."