A teacher in a Sabbath School promised to supply all the children in

his class with a catechism, who had none.

One of the little girls went home from the school after the books were

given out, and said:

"Mamma, if I had told a lie to-day, I would have got a catechism."

"I think that very strange, Eliza; for the Sabbath School is no place

for lies, and if you could be so wicked,
I know your teacher would not

have rewarded you for it."

"Mother," said Eliza, "I tell nothing but the truth; and now I will

explain it.

"You know I went to school this morning with the other girls. They

told me on the way how their mother had bought each of them a new

catechism on last market day, and they said, if I once saw how pretty

their books were, I would not look at my old one any more. Our teacher

asked us all, when we went in, if we had any catechisms, and those who

said they had not, received one from the teacher as a present. Jane,

after all she told me, by the way, denied that she had any, and Lizzy

did the same. But when he asked me, I told him I had one at home; but

if I had said no, I would have got a new one."

Her mother then told her that she should be rewarded for not telling a

lie by giving her a new book and a new Bible.