Two boys were one day on their way from school, and as they were

passing a cornfield, in which there were some plum trees, full of

nice, ripe fruit, Henry said to Thomas, "Let us jump over and get some

plums. Nobody will see us, and we can scud along through the corn and

come out on the other side."

Thomas said, "I cannot. It is wrong to do so. I would rather not have

the plums than to steal them, and I t
ink I will run along home."

"You are a coward," said Henry, "I always knew you were a coward, and

if you don't want any plums you may go without them, but I shall have

some very quick."

Just as Henry was climbing the fence, the owner of the field rose up

from the other side of the wall, and Henry jumped back and ran away.

Thomas had no reason to be afraid, so he stood still, and the owner of

the field, who had heard the conversation between the boys, told him

that he was very glad to see that he was not willing to be a thief. He

then told Thomas that he might step over the fence and help himself to

as many plums as he wished. The boy was pleased with the invitation,

and soon filled his pockets with plums which he could call his own.

Honesty will always get its reward.