Serjeant Parry, the eminent barrister) says: "The following translations

will serve to give the English reader a faint, though perhaps, but a

faint idea of the Welsh _Tribanau_, which are most of them, like these,

remarkable for their quaintness, as well as for the epigrammatic point in

which they terminate."]

No cheat is it to cheat the cheater,

No treason to betray the traitor,

Nor is it theft, I'm not deceiving,

To thieve from him who lives by thieving.

* * * * *

Three things there are that ne'er stand still;

A pig upon a high-topt hill,

A snail the naked stones among,

And Tom the Miller's rattling tongue.

* * * * *

Three things 'tis difficult to scan;

The day, an aged oak, and man:

The day is long, the oak is hollow,

And man--he is a two fac'd fellow.