The Song Of The Fisherman's Wife

Restless wave! be still and quiet,

Do not heed the wind and freshet,

Nature wide is now fast sleeping,

Why art thou so live and stirring?

All commotion now is ending,

Why not thou thy constant rolling?

Rest thou sea! upon thy bosom

Is one from whom my thoughts are seldom,

Not his lot it is to idle,

But to work while he is able;

Be kind to him, ocean billow!

Sleep upon thy sandy pillow!

Wherefore should'st thou still be swelling?

Why not cease thy restless heaving?

There's no wind to stir the bushes,

And all still the mountain breezes:

Be thou calm until the morning

When he'll shelter in the offing.

* * * * *

Deaf art thou to my entreaty,

Ocean vast! and without mercy.

I will turn to Him who rules thee,

And can still thy fiercest eddy:

Take Thou him to Thy protection

Keep him from the wave's destruction!