To The Lark

"Sentinel of the morning light!

Reveller of the spring!

How sweetly, nobly wild thy flight,

Thy boundless journeying:

Far from thy brethren of the woods, alone

A hermit chorister before God's throne!

"Oh! wilt thou climb yon heav'ns for me,

Yon rampart's starry height,

Thou interlude of melody

'Twixt darkness and the light,

And seek, with heav'n's first dawn upon thy crest,

My lady love, the moonbeam of the west?

"No woodland caroller art thou;

Far from the archer's eye,

Thy course is o'er the mountain's brow,

Thy music in the sky:

Then fearless float thy path of cloud along,

Thou earthly denizen of angel song."