The Vengeance Of Owain {96}

Gruffydd ab Cynan, Prince of Gwynedd, or North Wales, and he succeeded

his father on his death in 1137. Father and son were illustrious

warriors and patriotic rulers. They were also celebrated for their

munificent protection of the Welsh Bards. The Saxons had established

themselves at the castle of Wyddgrug, now Mold, and thence committed

great ravages on the Welsh in that vicinity. Owain collected his forces,

and by a sudden and fierce attack he conquered the Saxons in their

stronghold, and afterwards razed it with the ground in 1144. This

celebrated Prince died in 1162, and was buried at Bangor, where a

monument to his memory still remains.]

"It may be bowed

With woes far heavier than the ponderous tomb

That weighed upon her gentle dust, a cloud

Might gather o'er her beauty, and a gloom

In her dark eye, prophetic of the doom,

Heaven gives its favourites--early death."