The Praise And Commendation Of A Good Woman

As a wise child excells the sceptr'd fool

Who of conceit and selfishness is full--

As a good name exceeds the best perfume,

And richest balms that from the Indies come.

A virtuous, cheerful, and obliging wife

Is better far than all the pomp of life,

Better than houses, tenements and lands,

Than pearls and precious stones, and golden sands.

She is a ship with costly wares well-stow'd,

A pearl, with virtues infinite endow'd,

A gem, beyond all value and compare:

Happy the man, who has her to his share!

She is a pillar with rich gildings grac'd,

And on a pedestal of silver plac'd,

She is a turret of defence, to save

A weak and sickly husband from the grave,

She is a gorgeous crown, a glorious prize,

And ev'ry grace, in her, concent'red lies!