The Bard's Long-tried Affection For Morfydd

All my lifetime I have been

Bard to Morfydd, "golden mien!"

I have loved beyond belief,

Many a day to love and grief

For her sake have been a prey,

Who has on the moon's array!

Pledged my truth from youth will now

To the girl of glossy brow.

Oh, the light her features wear,

Like the tortured torrent's glare!

Oft by love bewildered quite,

Have my aching fe
t all night

Stag-like tracked the forest shade

For the foam-complexioned maid,

Whom with passion firm and gay

I adored 'mid leaves of May!

'Mid a thousand I could tell

One elastic footstep well!

I could speak to one sweet maid--

(Graceful figure!)--by her shade.

I could recognize till death,

One sweet maiden by her breath!

From the nightingale could learn

Where she tarries to discern;

There his noblest music swells

Through the portals of the dells!

When I am from her away,

I have neither laugh nor lay!

Neither soul nor sense is left,

I am half of mind bereft;

When she comes, with grief I part,

And am altogether heart!

Songs inspired, like flowing wine,

Rush into this mind of mine;

Sense enough again comes back

To direct me in my track!

Not one hour shall I be gay,

Whilst my Morfydd is away!