The Deluge

* * * * *

Whether to the east or west

You go, wondrous through all

Are the myriad clouds;

Dense and grim they appear--

Black and fierce the firmament,

Dark and horrid is all.

A ray of light's not seen,

But light'ning white and flashy,

Thunder throughout the heavens,

A torrent from on high.

A thousand cascades roar

Boiling with floods of hate,

Rivers all powerful

With great commotion rush.

The air disturb'd is seen,

While the distant sea's in uproar:

The heaving ocean bounds,

Within its prison wild;

Great thundering throughout

The bottomless abyss.

Some folk, simple and bewilder'd,

For shelter seek the mountains;

Shortly the raging waters

Drown their loftiest summits.

Where shall they go, where flee

From the eternal torrent?

Conscience, a ready witness,

Having been long asleep,

Mute among mortals,

Now awakens with stinging pangs.

* * * * *