Dafydd Ap Gwilym's Address To Morfydd After She Married His Rival

Too long I've loved the fickle maid,

My love is turned to grief and pain;

In vain delusive hopes I stray'd,

Through days that ne'er will dawn again;

And she, in beauty like the dawn,

From me has now her heart withdrawn!

A constant suitor--on her ear

My sweetest melodies I pour'd;

Where'er she wander'd I was near;

For her whose face my soul ador'd

My wealth I madly spent in wine,

And gorgeous jewels of the mine.

I deck'd her arms with lovely chains,

With bracelets wove of slender gold;

I sang her charms in varied strains,

Her praise to every minstrel told:

The bards of distant Keri know

That she is spotless as the snow.

These proofs of love I hoped might bind

My Morfydd to be ever true:

Alas! to deep despair consign'd,

My bosom's blighted hopes I rue,

And the base craft that gave her charms,

Oh, anguish! to another's arms!