The Dawn

Streaking the mantle of deep night

The rays of light arise,

Delightful day--shed by the sun--

Breaks forth from eastern skies,

He--in his course o'er oceans vast

And distant lands--returns

Firm to his purpose, true his way,

He nature's tribute earns:

Before him messengers arrive

And sparkle in the sky,

These are the bright and twinkling stars

Which spot the sable canopy.

The cock upon his lofty perch

Has sung the break of day,

The birds within the sheltering trees

Now frolic, chirp and play;

I see all nature is astir

As tho' from sleep restor'd,

Alive with joy and light renew'd

By the Creator's word:

Now every hill and valley low

Appear in full charm,

Beneath the sun's benignant smiles,

Which now creation warm.