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Short Stories

The Boy Found In The Snow.
One winter's night when the evening had shut in very early,...

Mother's Last Lesson.
"Will you please teach me my verse, mamma, and then kiss me...

Anna With A Pleasant Home.
Anna, having obtained leave of her mistress, soon found her...

Chinese Proverbs.
What is told in the ear is often heard a hundred miles. ...

The Happy Family.
There are a great many novel sights in the streets of Londo...

About a hundred feet back from the main street of a village...

Pleasant Play.
There are many plays in which children may amuse themselves...

The Child And Flower.
The Atheist in his garden stood, At twilight's pen...

The Motherless Birds.
There were two men who were neighbors to each other, living...

Flora And Her Portrait.
"And was there never a portrait of your beautiful child," s...

A Scene In London.
My young readers may have heard about the poor people in Lond...

Margaret And Herbert.
In a large family there are often diversity of character an...

The Parting Scene.
In one of our western cities was a poor woman, in the garre...

Arthur And His Apple Tree.
One summer day little William was sitting in the garden cha...

Revelation Of God's Holy Word.
Ye favored lands, rejoice Where God reveals his word...

The Golden Crown.
A teacher once asked a child, "If you had a golden crown, w...

As the manna lay, on the desert ground, So from day to d...

The Way To Overcome Evil.
A little girl, by the name of Sarah Dean, was taught the pr...

Julia's Sunset Walk.
It was a beautiful June day, just at the sun's setting, whe...

No Payno Work.
"Little boy, will you help a poor old man up the hill with ...


A poor shepherd, living among the Alps, the father of a large family,
for whose wants he provided with great difficulty, purchased an old
Bible from a dealer in old cloths and furniture. On Sunday evening, as
he was turning over the leaves, he noticed several of them were pasted
together. He immediately began to separate the pasted leaves with
great care. Inside of these leaves he found carefully enclosed a bank
bill of five hundred dollars. On the margin of one of the pages was
written these words: "I gathered together money with very great
difficulty, but having no natural heirs but those who have absolutely
need of nothing, I make thee, whosoever shall read this Bible, my
natural heir."

We cannot promise our young friends that they will find money in the
leaves of their Bibles, but you may be assured that if you study its
pages, and follow its precepts, you will find wisdom, which is better
than silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold.



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