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Gather The Flowers.
Two little girls went into the fields to gather flowers. Bu...

A Boy Reproved By A Bird.
The sparrows often build their nests under the eaves of hou...

Remember The Cake.
I will tell you an anecdote about Mrs. Hannah More, when sh...

Emily's Morning Ramble.
In the suburbs of the city of B. stands the beautiful resid...

Young Usher.
You have read of that remarkable man, Mr. Usher, who was Ar...

The Transferred Ghost
The country residence of Mr. John Hinckman was a delightful...

Telling Secrets.
There is a company of girls met together, and what can they...

The Reward.
A teacher in a Sabbath School promised to supply all the ch...

Flying The Kite.
Flying the kite is a pleasant amusement for boys, and when ...

A Good Mother.
Mrs. Savage was the eldest sister of Matthew Henry. When sh...

Anne Cleaveland.
Anne was the daughter of a wealthy farmer. She had a good N...

The Lady Or The Tiger?
In the very olden time there lived a semi-barbaric king, wh...

Early At School.
One Sabbath evening a teacher was walking up and down in th...

Or, Honesty Rewarded.
At St. Petersburgh, the birth day of any of the royal famil...

Harriet And Her Squirrel.
It was on a Sabbath eve, when at a friend's house, we were ...

Mother's Last Lesson.
"Will you please teach me my verse, mamma, and then kiss me...

Story About An Indian.
A poor sick man might go to the door of some rich person's ...

About a hundred feet back from the main street of a village...

Lettice And Catherine,

The Way To Overcome Evil.
A little girl, by the name of Sarah Dean, was taught the pr...


A few summers ago I was sitting on a garden seat, beneath a fruit
tree, where the works of nature looked very beautiful. Very soon I
heard a strange noise among the highest branches of the tree over my
head. The sound was very curious, and I began to look for the cause. I
shook one of the lower branches within my reach, and very soon I
discovered two birds engaged in fighting; and they seemed to gradually
descend towards the ground. They came down lower and lower, tumbling
over one another, and fighting with each other. They soon reached the
lowest branch, and at last came to the ground very near me. It was
with some difficulty that I parted them; and when I held one of them
in each of my hands, they tried to get away, not because they were
afraid of me but because they would resume the conflict. They were two
young robins, and I never before thought that the robin had such a bad
spirit in its breast. Lest they should get to fighting again, I let
one go, and kept the other housed up for several days, so that they
would not have much chance of coming together again.

Now, children, these two little robins woke in the morning very
cheerful, and appeared very happy as they sat on the branch of the
tree, singing their morning songs. But how soon they changed their
notes. You would have been sorry to have seen the birds trying to hurt
each other.

If children quarrel, or in any degree show an unkind temper, they
appear very unlovely and, forget that God, who made them, and gives
them many blessings, disapproves of their conduct. Never quarrel, but
remember how pleasant it is for children to love each other, and to
try to do each other good.

Every hour is worth at least a good thought, a good wish, a good



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