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Wales Poetry

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The Banks Of The Dee
One morning in May, when soft breezes were blowing O'er...

Sad Died The Maiden

Category: The Sentimental.

Sad died the Maiden! and heaven only knew
The anguish she felt in expiring,
The moonbeams were weeping the evening dew
When the life of the Maiden was sinking.

Sad died the Maiden! beside the fast door,
With her head resting low on the flagging,
And the raindrops froze as they fell in store
On a bosom that lately was bleeding.

She died on the sill of her father's dear home,
From which he had forc'd her to wander,
While her clear white hands were trying to roam
In search of the latch and warm shelter.

* * * * *

She died! and her end will for ever reveal
A father devoid of affection,
While her green grave will always testify well
To the strength of love and devotion.

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