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Wales Poetry

Cymry, and was much practised in the houses of the Welsh g...

An Ode To The Thunder
his bardic name of Dafydd Ionawr, was born in the year 1...

The Poor Man's Grave
'Neath the yew tree's gloomy branches, Rears a mound ...

The Withered Leaf
Dry the leaf above the stubble, Soon 'twill fall into ...

The Castles Of Wales
Ye fortresses grey and gigantic I see on the hills of...

Song To Arvon
by the Rev. Evan Evans, a Clergyman of the Church of Eng...

Concerning The Divine Providence

Gentle Woman! thou most perfect Work of the Divine Arc...

To The Nightingale
river of that name was born at Mold, in Flintshire, in the...

Taliesin's Prophecy
A voice from time departed, yet floats thy hills among,...

The Song Of The Fisherman's Wife
Restless wave! be still and quiet, Do not heed the win...

Ode To Cambria
Cambria, I love thy genius bold; Thy dreadful rites, and...

The Flowers Of Spring
beautiful stanzas, from which the following translation ...

To The Lark
"Sentinel of the morning light! Reveller of the...

Translated By The Rev William Evans
God doth withhold no good from those Who meekly fear him ...

The Rose Of Llan Meilen
Sweet Rose of Llan Meilen! you bid me forget That ever i...

Dafydd Ap Gwilym To The White Gull
Bird that dwellest in the spray, Far from mountain woods a...

Translations From Miscellaneous Welsh Hymns
Had I but the wings of a dove, To regions afar I'd repa...

A Bridal Song
Wilt thou not waken, bride of May, While the flowers are...

My Native Land
My soul is sad, my spirit fails, And sickness in my he...

Dafydd Ap Gwilym To The White Gull

Category: The Beautiful.

Bird that dwellest in the spray,
Far from mountain woods away,
Sporting,--blending with the sea,
Like the moonbeam--gleamily.
Wilt thou leave thy sparkling chamber
Round my lady's tower to clamber?
Thou shalt fairer charms behold
Than Taliesin's tongue has told,
Than Merddin sang, or loved, or knew--
Lily nursed on ocean's dew--
Say (recluse of yon wild sea),
"She is all in all to me."

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