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Wales Poetry

Short Is The Life Of Man
Man's life, like any weaver's shuttle, flies, Or, like a t...

Concerning The Divine Providence

By The Rev Rees Prichard, Ma

The Song Of The Fisherman's Wife
Restless wave! be still and quiet, Do not heed the win...

The Monarchy Of Britain
Sons of the Fair Isle! forget not the time, Ere spoilers h...

Translated By The Rev William Evans
God doth withhold no good from those Who meekly fear him ...

The Legend Of Trwst Llywelyn
Once upon a time, Llywelyn was returning from a great battl...

Walter Sele
O'er Walter's bed no foot shall tread, Nor step unhallo...

The Swan
Thou swan, upon the waters bright, In lime-hued vest, like...

The Circling Of The Mead Horns
Fill the blue horn, the blue buffalo horn: Natural is mead...

The Fairy's Song
"Heavens defend me from that Welsh fairy!"--SHAKSPEARE. ...

The Lament Op Llywarch Hen
The bright hours return, and the blue sky is ringing ...

My Father-land
Land of the Cymry! thou art still, In rock and valley, str...

The Sick Man's Dream
Dans le solitaire bourgade, Revant a ses maux triste...

To The Spring
Oh, come gentle spring, and visit the plain, Far scatte...

Gentle Woman! thou most perfect Work of the Divine Arc...

The Bard's Long-tried Affection For Morfydd
All my lifetime I have been Bard to Morfydd, "golden m...

Roderic's Lament
Farewell every mountain To memory dear, Each streamlet...

The Faithful Maiden
At the dawning of day on a morning in May, When the bi...

Taliesin's Prophecy
A voice from time departed, yet floats thy hills among,...

The Dawn

Category: The Beautiful.

Streaking the mantle of deep night
The rays of light arise,
Delightful day--shed by the sun--
Breaks forth from eastern skies,
He--in his course o'er oceans vast
And distant lands--returns
Firm to his purpose, true his way,
He nature's tribute earns:
Before him messengers arrive
And sparkle in the sky,
These are the bright and twinkling stars
Which spot the sable canopy.

The cock upon his lofty perch
Has sung the break of day,
The birds within the sheltering trees
Now frolic, chirp and play;
I see all nature is astir
As tho' from sleep restor'd,
Alive with joy and light renew'd
By the Creator's word:
Now every hill and valley low
Appear in full charm,
Beneath the sun's benignant smiles,
Which now creation warm.

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