S Libin


Pen name of Israel Hurewitz; born, 1872, in Gori-Gorki, Government of

Mohileff (Lithuania), White Russia; assistant to a druggist at thirteen;

went to London at twenty, and, after seven months there, to New York

(1893); worked as capmaker; first sketch, "A Sifz vun a Arbeiterbrust";

contributor to Die Arbeiterzeitung, Das Abendblatt, Die Zukunft,

Vorwaerts, etc.; prolific Yiddish playwright and writer of sketches on

New York Jewish life; dramas to the number of twenty-six produced on the

stage; collected works, Geklibene Skizzen, 1 vol., New York, 1902, and 2

vols., New York, 1907.