Isaac Loeb Perez


Born, 1851, in Samoscz, Government of Lublin, Russian Poland; Jewish,

philosophical, and general literary education; practiced law in Samoscz,

a Hasidic town; clerk to the Jewish congregation in Warsaw and as such

collector of statistics on Jewish life; began to write at twenty-five;

contributor to Zedernbaum's Juedisches Volksblatt; publisher and editor

of Die juedische Bibliothek (4 vols.), in which he conducted the

scientific department, and wrote all the editorials and book reviews, of

Literatur and Leben, and of Yom-tov Blaettlech; now (1912) co-editor of

Der Freind, Warsaw; Hebrew and Yiddish prose writer and poet;

allegorist; collected Hebrew works, 1899-1901; collected Yiddish works,

7 vols., Warsaw and New York, 1909-1912 (in course of publication).