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Cymry, and was much practised in the houses of the Welsh g...

The Castles Of Wales
Ye fortresses grey and gigantic I see on the hills of...

The Shipwreck
a Welsh Congregationalist Minister, and an eminent poet....

The Hall Of Cynddylan
The Hall of Cynddylan is gloomy to-night, I weep, for th...

The Immovable Covenant
the Welsh of Mr. H. Hughes, was a Minister in the Baptist ...

May And November
Sweet May, ever welcome! the palace of leaves Thy hand for...

Sad Died The Maiden
Sad died the Maiden! and heaven only knew The anguish s...

A Bridal Song
Wilt thou not waken, bride of May, While the flowers are...

The Song Of The Fisherman's Wife
Restless wave! be still and quiet, Do not heed the win...

Gentle Woman! thou most perfect Work of the Divine Arc...

The Mother To Her Child After Its Father's Death
My gentle child, thou dost not know Why still on thee ...

An Address To The Summer
of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, and was born about ...

Concerning The Divine Providence

My Father-land
Land of the Cymry! thou art still, In rock and valley, str...

Ode To Cambria
Cambria, I love thy genius bold; Thy dreadful rites, and...

To The Nightingale
river of that name was born at Mold, in Flintshire, in the...

Glan Geirionydd
. One time upon a summer day I saunter'd on the shor...

Twenty Third Psalm
My shepherd is the Lord above, Who ne'er will suffer me to...

The Death Of Owain
Lo! the youth, in mind a man, Daring in the battle's v...

The Faithful Maiden
At the dawning of day on a morning in May, When the bi...

The Praise And Commendation Of A Good Woman

Category: The Religious.

As a wise child excells the sceptr'd fool
Who of conceit and selfishness is full--
As a good name exceeds the best perfume,
And richest balms that from the Indies come.

A virtuous, cheerful, and obliging wife
Is better far than all the pomp of life,
Better than houses, tenements and lands,
Than pearls and precious stones, and golden sands.

She is a ship with costly wares well-stow'd,
A pearl, with virtues infinite endow'd,
A gem, beyond all value and compare:
Happy the man, who has her to his share!

She is a pillar with rich gildings grac'd,
And on a pedestal of silver plac'd,
She is a turret of defence, to save
A weak and sickly husband from the grave,
She is a gorgeous crown, a glorious prize,
And ev'ry grace, in her, concent'red lies!

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