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The Deluge
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That Had Been Converted Into A May-pole In The Town Of Llanidloes, In Montgomeryshire
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Translations From Miscellaneous Welsh Hymns
Had I but the wings of a dove, To regions afar I'd repa...

The Praise And Commendation Of A Good Woman
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To May
the following and several other poems in this collection. ...

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An Ode On The Death Of Hoel
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A Bridal Song
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Glan Geirionydd
. One time upon a summer day I saunter'd on the shor...

The Circling Of The Mead Horns
Fill the blue horn, the blue buffalo horn: Natural is mead...

From The Hymns Of The Rev William Williams, Pantycelyn
he inherited from his ancestors, was born in the parish of...

Translations From Miscellaneous Welsh Hymns

Category: The Religious.

Had I but the wings of a dove,
To regions afar I'd repair,
To Nebo's high summit would rove,
And look on a country more fair;
My eyes gazing over the flood,
I'd spend the remainder of life
Beholding the Saviour so good,
Who for sinners expired in strife.

* * * * *

Once I steered through the billows,
On a dark, relentless night,
Stripped of sail--the surge so heinous,
And no refuge within sight.
Strength and skill alike were ended,
Nought, but sinking in the tide,
While amid the gloom appeared
Bethlehem's star to be my guide.

* * * * *

Of all the ancient race,
Not one be left behind,
But each, impell'd by secret grace,
His way to Canaan find.

Rebuilt by His command,
Jerusalem shall rise;
Her temple on Moriah stand
Again, and touch the skies.

Send then thy servants forth,
To call the Hebrews home;
From east and west, and south and north,
Let all the wanderers come.

With Israel's myriads seal'd
Let all the nations meet,
And show the mystery fulfill'd,
The family complete.

* * * * *

Teach me Aaron's thoughtful silence
When corrected by the rod;
Teach me Eli's acquiescence,
Saying, "Do thy will, my God;"
Teach me Job's confiding patience,
Dreading words from pride that flow,
For thou, Lord, alone exaltest,
And thou only layest low.

* * * * *

Who cometh from Edom with might,
Far brighter than day at its dawn?
He routed and conquered his foes,
And trampled the giants alone;
His garments were dyed with their blood,
His sword and his arrows stood strong,
His beauty did fill the whole land,
While travelling in greatness along.

* * * * *

He who darts the winged light'ning,
Walks upon the foaming wave;
Send forth arrows of conviction,
Here exert thy power to save;
Burst the bars of Satan's prison,
Snatch the firebrand from the flame,
Fill the doubting with assurance,
Teach the dumb to sing thy name.

* * * * *

The clouds, O Lord, do scatter,
Between me and thy face;
Reveal to me the glory
Of thy redeeming grace;
Speak thou in words of mercy,
While in distress I call;
And let me taste forgiveness,
Through Christ, my all-in-all.

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