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The Faithful Maiden
At the dawning of day on a morning in May, When the bi...

Song Of The Foster-son, Love
I got a foster-son, whose name was Love, From one endu...

The Praise And Commendation Of A Good Woman
As a wise child excells the sceptr'd fool Who of conceit a...

Ode To Cambria
Cambria, I love thy genius bold; Thy dreadful rites, and...

Dafydd Ap Gwilym To The White Gull
Bird that dwellest in the spray, Far from mountain woods a...

To The Daisy
Oh, flower meek and modest That blooms of all the soonest,...

The Hall Of Cynddylan
The Hall of Cynddylan is gloomy to-night, I weep, for th...

The Rose Of The Glen
Although I've no money or treasure to give, No palace or c...

The Holly Grove
Sweet holly grove, that soarest A woodland fort, an armed ...

An Address To The Summer
of Llanbadarn Fawr, Cardiganshire, and was born about ...

The Fairy's Song
"Heavens defend me from that Welsh fairy!"--SHAKSPEARE. ...

An Ode To The Thunder
his bardic name of Dafydd Ionawr, was born in the year 1...

An Ode On The Death Of Hoel
of the sixth century. He was himself a soldier, and d...

The Dawn
Streaking the mantle of deep night The rays of light ...

The Flowers Of Spring
beautiful stanzas, from which the following translation ...

The Day Of Judgment
was a native of Anglesea, and entered the Welsh Church...

The Farmer's Prayer
poems of the "Good Vicar Prichard of Llandovery" would be ...

The Swan
Thou swan, upon the waters bright, In lime-hued vest, like...

To The Lark
"Sentinel of the morning light! Reveller of the...

The Shipwreck
a Welsh Congregationalist Minister, and an eminent poet....

The World And The Sea: A Comparison

Category: The Sentimental.

Like the world and its dread changes
Is the ocean when it rages,
Sometimes full and sometimes shallow,
Sometimes green and sometimes yellow.

Salt the sea to all who drink it,
Bitter is the world in spirit,
Deep the sea to all who fathom,
Deep the world and without bottom.

Unsupporting in his danger
Is the sea unto the sailor,
Less sustaining to the traveller
Is the world through which he'll wander.

Full the sea of rocky places,
Shoals and quicksands in its mazes,
Full the world of sore temptation
Charged with sorrow and destruction.

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