David Pinski


Born, 1872, in Mohileff (Lithuania), White Russia; refused admission to

Gymnasium in Moscow under percentage restrictions; 1889-1891, secretary

to Bene Zion in Vitebsk; 1891-1893, student in Vienna; 1893, co-editor

of Spektor's Hausfreund and Perez's Yom-tov Blaettlech; 1893, first

sketch published in New York Arbeiterzeitung; 1896, studied philosophy

in Berlin; 1899, came to New York, and edited Das Abendblatt, a daily,

and Der Arbeiter, a weekly; 1912, founder and co-editor of Die Yiddishe

Wochenschrift; author of short stories, sketches, an essay on the

Yiddish drama, and ten dramas, among them Yesurun, Eisik Scheftel, Die

Mutter, Die Familie Zwie, Der Oitzer, Der eibiger Jued (first part of a

series of Messiah dramas), Der stummer Moschiach, etc.; one volume of

collected dramas, Dramen, Warsaw, 1909.