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Famous Stories

The Ungrateful Guest
The Story Of William Tell
The Sons Of William The Conqueror
King Canute On The Seashore
The Story Of Cincinnatus
A Laconic Answer
The Kingdoms
King John And The Abbot
Socrates And His House
Grace Darling
Diogenes The Wise Man
The King And His Hawk
The Brave Three Hundred
He Never Smiled Again
The Blind Men And The Elephant
Cornelia's Jewels
Antonio Canova
Androclus And The Lion
The Sword Of Damocles
King Alfred And The Beggar

Stories Poetry . ca

Stories and Poetry from around the world

Welcome to Stories and Poetry. Find a unique collection of short stores, poetry from global and historical sources.

Short Stories

The Dying Boy.
A Boy Reproved By A Bird.
A Good Mother.
Anna Seeking Employment.
The Happy Family.
The Explanation.
The Shepherd And His Bible.
The First Dollar.
Pleasant Play.
Harvest Song.

Wales Poetry

The Castles Of Wales
An Ode To The Thunder
The Swan
Dafydd Ap Gwilym's Address To Morfydd After She Married His Rival
To The Nightingale
Song To Arvon
The Immovable Covenant
The Circling Of The Mead Horns
Farewell To Wales
The Lord Of Clas


The Bagpipe
The Devil's Share
A Good Dog
The Armed Cuckold
Foolish Fear
The Woman At The Bath
A Good Remedy
The Child Of The Snow
The Bird In The Cage
The Husband Pandar To His Own Wife
The Obedient Wife
At Work
The Right Moment
Two Mules Drowned Together
A Bargain In Horns
Love In Arms
How The Nun Paid For The Pears
The Damsel Knight
Both Well Served
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