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Short Stories

The Boy And The Dew Drops.
A little boy who had been out early in the morning playing ...

Young Usher.
You have read of that remarkable man, Mr. Usher, who was Ar...

The Parting Scene.
In one of our western cities was a poor woman, in the garre...

Gather The Flowers.
Two little girls went into the fields to gather flowers. Bu...

The Trusty Dog.
I am glad to introduce to you, the noble dog whose picture ...

Lily Ford.
It was now in the latter part of December--two days more an...

Lettice And Myra.

Lizzy And Her Dog.
I wish to relate to you a very affecting story about a good...

A Good Act For Another.
A man was going from Norwich to New London with a loaded te...

Agnes And The Mouse.
One brilliant Christmas day, two little girls were walking ...

About a hundred feet back from the main street of a village...

The Saint's Rest.
We've no abiding city here: This may distress the wo...

The Explanation.
Lettice's father was a man of education, a scholar, a gentl...

The First Dollar.
I will tell you an affecting story about a young lad by the...

The Child And Flower.
The Atheist in his garden stood, At twilight's pen...

The Happy Family.
There are a great many novel sights in the streets of Londo...

Edward And Ellen.
Edward Ford owned a snug little cottage with a small farm s...

The Flower That Looks Up.
"What beautiful things flowers are," said one of the party ...

The Boy Found In The Snow.
One winter's night when the evening had shut in very early,...

The Golden Crown.
A teacher once asked a child, "If you had a golden crown, w...


There are many plays in which children may amuse themselves so as to
benefit both the mind and body. Exercise is very essential to the
health, and all children should accustom themselves to such exercise
as will give elasticity too all the muscles of the body. Some
children often play too hard, and others, before they get through
playing, get to quarrelling. Children never appear so badly as when
they quarrel with each other. Joseph and William, Jane and little
Susan, are out in the garden playing "hide and seek," around the
summer house. William became a little contrary, because everything in
the play did not suit him, and declared he would run away. Children
should never let anger rise in their bosoms because of some small
mistake on the part of others. They should always overlook all
mistakes, forgive all injuries, and learn to love each other when at
play, as well as when at school. Good children will play together,
without getting angry, and it is a pretty sight to see such children
all happy in each other's society and enjoying their pleasant pastimes
with cheerful and happy hearts.

Our evil actions spring like trees,
From small and hidden seeds;
We think, or wish some wicked thing,
And then do wicked deeds.

Whoever dares to tell a lie,
Whoever steals a pin,
Whoever strikes an angry blow,
Has done a deed of sin.



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