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Famous Stories

Maximilian And The Goose Boy
One summer day King Max-i-mil'ian of Ba-va'ri-a was walking...

The Barmecide Feast
There was once a rich old man who was called the Bar-me-cid...

Bruce And The Spider
There was once a king of Scot-land whose name was Robert Br...

Alexander And Bucephalus
One day King Philip bought a fine horse called Bu-ceph'a-lu...

Sir Walter Raleigh
There once lived in England a brave and noble man whose nam...

A Story Of Robin Hood
In the rude days of King Rich-ard and King John there were ...

The Sword Of Damocles
There was once a king whose name was Di-o-nys'i-us. He was ...

King Canute On The Seashore
A hundred years or more after the time of Alfred the Great ...

There was a great battle at sea. One could hear nothing but...

Whittington And His Cat
The City There was once a little boy whose name was Rich...

Damon And Pythias
A young man whose name was Pyth'i-as had done something whi...

The Brave Three Hundred
All Greece was in danger. A mighty army, led by the great K...

Horatius At The Bridge
Once there was a war between the Roman people and the E-tru...

How Napoleon Crossed The Alps
About a hundred years ago there lived a great gen-er-al who...

The Story Of Cincinnatus
There was a man named Cin-cin-na'tus who lived on a little ...

The Inchcape Rock
In the North Sea there is a great rock called the Inch-cape...

Antonio Canova
A good many years ago there lived in Italy a little boy who...

The Bell Of Atri
A-tri is the name of a little town in It-a-ly. It is a very...

The Miller Of The Dee
Once upon a time there lived on the banks of the River Dee ...

The Endless Tale
In the Far East there was a great king who had no work to d...


Here is another story of the bat-tle-field, and it is much like the
one which I have just told you.

Not quite a hundred years after the time of Sir Philip Sidney there
was a war between the Swedes and the Danes. One day a great battle was
fought, and the Swedes were beaten, and driven from the field. A
soldier of the Danes who had been slightly wounded was sitting on the
ground. He was about to take a drink from a flask. All at once he
heard some one say,--

"O sir! give me a drink, for I am dying."

It was a wounded Swede who spoke. He was lying on the ground only a
little way off. The Dane went to him at once. He knelt down by the
side of his fallen foe, and pressed the flask to his lips.

"Drink," said he, "for thy need is greater than mine."

Hardly had he spoken these words, when the Swede raised himself on his
elbow. He pulled a pistol from his pocket, and shot at the man who
would have be-friend-ed him. The bullet grazed the Dane's shoulder,
but did not do him much harm.

"Ah, you rascal!" he cried. "I was going to befriend you, and you
repay me by trying to kill me. Now I will punish you. I would have
given you all the water, but now you shall have only half." And with
that he drank the half of it, and then gave the rest to the Swede.

When the King of the Danes heard about this, he sent for the soldier
and had him tell the story just as it was.

"Why did you spare the life of the Swede after he had tried to kill
you?" asked the king.

"Because, sir," said the soldier, "I could never kill a wounded

"Then you deserve to be a no-ble-man," said the king. And he
re-ward-ed him by making him a knight, and giving him a noble title.



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